Polruan Village

  Welcome to the ancient fishing village of Polruan, famous for its boat building heritage. The Fowey river estuary is a thriving centre for fishing, seafaring, shipbuilding and agriculture.

 Polruan is part of the parish of Lanteglos-by-Fowey which is bounded by water on three sides - Penpoll Creek to the north, the Fowey River to the west and the sea to the south. The natural defences of sea and river, made the area an attractive dwelling place for the earliest inhabitants. 

This remoteness gives the area its unspoilt charm with its narrow streets and narrower alleyways where flights of slate steps twist between the houses. Polruan is based on the south coast of Cornwall on the river Fowey. If you are looking at a map you will find this wonderful village opposite Fowey. 

 It is a small village with only one road in or out. The road goes through the middle of the village and ends up on the village quay, where you will find the Lugger Inn, which like most houses in the village has its own interesting history. 

 There are, however, two pubs in the village, the Russell Inn, which is literally just up the steps from the Lugger Inn which is on the Quay. Both pubs offer an excellent range of food at very reasonable prices. 

 From the quay you will find a passenger ferry that will take you across to Fowey. The journey taking about 5 - 10 minutes. At the top of the village itself there is a camp site should you feel hardy, but they have mobile homes available to rent. 

 The beauty of either visiting or coming to stay in Polruan is that it is unspoilt. Being built on the side of a hill it has, thankfully not allowed too much expansion and commercialisation and as a result has retained much of its charm. 

 In the main street itself (Fore Street - as you will find in most Cornish villages) you will find the Polruan Stores and the Harbour Cafe, on the Quay is The WinklePicker Shop (which is also the Post Office) . Polruan has something to offer everybody.  
August bank holiday is a must if you enjoy a carnival. Fowey starts the festivities off with their carnival usually a week before bank holiday, with activities every night ending with the candle lit procession down the river which is followed by a firework display. This has to be seen to be believed. 

 The following week Polruan has its carnival with a band and fancy dress for all ages. On the quay itself you will find a wide variety of stalls with lots of goodies to purchase. One stall will allow you to buy a ball for the ball rolling competition. 

 They have over a thousand numbered balls that they roll down the main street, which is a rather steep hill. What you do, is to pay to put your name against a particular number ball, and if that ball is the first to reach the bottom of the hill then the prize is yours. 

 The carnival procession starts on the quay and goes to the school field at the top of the village and then parades all the way round the village, collecting money for charity on the way.

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